Clarified Spell List and FAQ

Over at the Facebook M20 Group the usual questions regarding spell saves and magic attack rolls cropped up. I’m not exactly sure why I didn’t do this earlier but we talked about throwing together an amended spell list with clarifications and maybe an accompanying FAQ.

I drafted up a super fast revision of the original M20 spell list (all changes in red text) that I wanted to get folks opinions on before I formatted it.

Clarified Spell List

I’d also love to get peoples thoughts on M20 related questions they think would be good to include in an FAQ file.

Hope the spell list is useful, I’ll make sure to throw another post up when it gets another revision pass.

What stories do you want to tell in the Breachworld?

Quick reminder you have 3 days to jump on Jason Richards Breachworld kickstarters. If any of the following tickles your fancy you might want to back it!

  • Mini-6
  • Sandbox settings.
  • Sweet art.

What drew me in was that it felt like Rifts to me without the bad taste that Palladium leaves in your mouth.

I’m personally excited to check out the “Smoky” destination folio for a first game. What is the first adventure you want to play in Breachworld?

M20 Draft 20140309

Why hello folks! Wanted to throw up a quick message to those who might be interested in the the most recent draft of my version of M20. This is the thirdish revision based on feedback from the mailing list, and I think it is pretty solid.

Current M20 Rules Draft!

My modifications have always pulled back further from 3.5 proper than the original M20 did. Some of the inspirations for the modifications I’ve made to the system are below.

  • Apocalypse World
  • Dungeon World
  • Simple World
  • Numinera
  • Alternity
  • Microlite20 Legacy
  • Lady Blackbird
  • Dragon Age
  • Savage World

In allot of ways looking over the this new version it is very much different, but I like to think that the core values are still firmly there. With the meat and potatoes of things pretty well covered, at this point I can mostly just add things here and there week by week (as school permits) to fill out things like monster/threat, and equipment lists.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my personal version of M20, and requests for what folks might think is missing!