With the help of an Isle of Wight real estate agent, your home has been put on the market, has had scheduled viewings and is ready to be sold. Finding a buyer is the only thing left to do, and that’s when things get interesting. In a perfect world, your home would speak for itself, but sometimes sellers need a little help to get potential buyers to fully appreciate their purchases. From tidying up your home an hour before the show to giving it the perfect show, there are simple but effective ways to sell your home for the right price. Turn on the kettle, sit back, read on, and you’ll be ready to watch in no time.

before seeing
One of the most important things you can do before a show is to clean the house, but few people have time before each show. There are several staging options for those who want to get their work done early or at the last minute.

if you reduce the time
If you don’t have much free time, or if your house hasn’t been tidy all week (especially if kids or pets are involved), make a quick change an hour before watching. If possible, arrange side views or open houses so that everything can be done in one go. Buyers may be more interested and bid early if they know that other buyers are considering your property.

• Add a bit of curb appeal – The front of your home sets the mood for your interiors, so make sure your trash cans are properly placed or hidden. You might also consider moving your garden gnome collection and its bike storage. If possible, park your car on a corner so that potential buyers have an undisturbed first look at your home.

• Quick kitchen fixes – For many buyers, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Keep pots, pans and pots out of the way when cleaning and storing them (or putting them in the dishwasher). Make sure your desk is clean and wipe all surfaces quickly. Disappear the vivid purple pasta line!

• Show affection for your living space. It is important to get rid of unnecessary things. Have children clean and hold their clothes or toys so they can participate in the cleaning process. Finish with a pillow and straighten the waste. It can have an amazing effect on how welcoming your home feels.

• Clean your bathroom fast – Cleaning wipes are your best friend when cleaning your bathroom. Quickly clean the page, then temporarily store all toiletries. If there is no other place to store a spare, temporarily store a spare in your car that may be nearby.